Product Notice: Automatic Upgrade to Feedback Flow Builder for SMS Surveys

Talkdesk Feedback customers will now have access to Feedback Flow Builder with Automation Designer automatically enabled on their accounts over the coming weeks. Once the upgrade has occurred, you will see the Feedback Flows page in the submenu when inside the Feedback application.



What is the impact of this upgrade?

We will automatically migrate any existing Feedback SMS Surveys to Flow Builder. All integrations and the Live Feedback Stream reporting will continue to work as expected, including Talkdesk Performance Management. The existing Feedback Report will continue to generate IVR Survey data, but will not generate data for the new Flow Builder SMS Surveys.  


What actions are required?

The new Feedback Flow Report in Talkdesk Explore is available for Flow Builder SMS Surveys. Please note that if you are extracting data from the Explore API using the Feedback Report, you will need to switch to the new Feedback Flow Report. Further API documentation can be found in the Developer Documentation and Data Dictionary respectively.


Why is this change being made?

Feedback Flow Builder allows you to add deeper logic to surveys to collect richer, more comprehensive customer insights with a no-code builder for fully customizable, automated surveys that are tied to every interaction. It serves as the foundation for custom surveys in additional channels in the future. 




Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions.

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