Product Announcement: Messages from Unverified Toll-free Numbers Will be Blocked - Action May Be Required

Content Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Originally Published: Oct 3, 2022


Note: If you are using Application-to-Person 10 Digit Long (A2P 10DLC) please refer to this Product Announcement (July 2023).


Since November 8, 2023, all UNVERIFIED toll-free numbers are blocked from sending SMS messages to the United States and Canada. No further action is needed from customers who have already verified their toll-free phone numbers.


What is a toll-free phone number?

A toll-free number is a 10-digit number with distinct three-digit codes (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833) that can be used to send messages to recipients in the United States and Canada, making it a popular alternative to long code or short code numbers in these countries.


What is changing and why?

  • With the introduction of Application-to-Person (A2P) 10DLC regulations in 2020, the messaging industry continued its shift towards a more compliant and transparent ecosystem for A2P messaging. This year, new regulations made toll-free numbers used for SMS messaging the latest phone number types to require registration in the United States and Canada.
  • These requirements are consistent with industry-wide, global moves to require registration for all A2P messaging traffic with the goal of drastically reducing spam and fraud.



  • Customers using unverified toll-free numbers in the United States and Canada require registration before their numbers can be used for messaging. Failure to verify toll-free phone numbers will result in blocked SMS messages.
  • Customers using the following Talkdesk products are likely to be affected: Talkdesk Digital Engagement - SMS Channel, Talkdesk Feedback, Agentless Dialer, Automated Notifications, Proactive Notifications, Talkdesk for Salesforce SMS (SMS component, actions or bulk SMS), AppConnect partners with SMS functionality.


How can you request a verification?

  • Please complete the Verified Toll-Free Form and attach it to a new ticket via the Talkdesk Support Portal.

  • Once submitted, Talkdesk will review the verification request and will move the numbers into the Pending Verification status. This change allows sending limited messages from toll-free numbers, but subjects the traffic to progressively tighter message filters while verification is processed. Pending Verification numbers have the following industry-wide sending limits*:

    • Daily limit: 2,000 message segments

    • Weekly limit: 6,000 message segments

    • Monthly limit: 10,000 message segments

*These Pending limits are the maximums, and are not guaranteed and subject to change. If you start to see errors but have not reached the posted limitations, you can assume that the messages are being filtered. Note that starting January 31, 2024, messages sent from toll-free phone numbers with Pending Verifications will be blocked and subject to messaging fees.

  • It can take five to seven weeks for pending phone numbers to be verified by Talkdesk; you will be notified on your ticket when the verification is complete.



As the messaging and communications ecosystem continues to change around the world, Talkdesk is committed to help you comply with these changing carrier requirements. If you have any questions, please reach us out via the Talkdesk Support Portal.



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