Working Alongside a VDI Environment




Talkdesk CX Cloud may be implemented alongside a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Environment, but it is not supported to run the voice clients within the VDI environment due to inherent network issues that could degrade call quality. Talkdesk supports only the configurations listed in the section Supported Configuration.



The use of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) adds complexity and latency to the real-time voice needs within the Talkdesk CX Cloud product.

In an environment without a VDI intermediary, the real-time traffic used on Talkdesk CX Cloud traverses the internet directly into the Talkdesk cloud and is readily measured for performance by Talkdesk. This allows Talkdesk to provide quality service and support to ensure high call quality and service performance.


By contrast, when agents and voice clients operate inside a VDI intermediary, the real-time traffic between the Talkdesk Agent and the Talkdesk CX Cloud environment becomes embedded traffic within a multi-functional media “stream” between the VDI and the Agent's workstation; thereby bypassing the Talkdesk Global Low Latency network. This bypass of the Talkdesk Global Low Latency network can introduce additional latency since the nearest and lowest latency WebRTC gateway closest to the agent cannot be guaranteed to be selected. 

Beyond this, the real-time voice embedded within the VDI “stream” is then subject to an additional layer of encryption, audio and video compression, and respective decryption and decompression. This encapsulation can lead to latency-sensitive voice traffic incurring additional jitter, packet loss, and ultimately reduced call quality for both the agent and the customer. 

The limitations described above are universal limitations imposed by a VDI environment and are not unique to Talkdesk.


In addition to the reduced call quality, the VDI environment restricts Talkdesk’s ability to measure network and call quality information, which prevents Talkdesk from obtaining sufficient information to assist customers in troubleshooting performance issues with a VDI intermediary. 

 For these reasons, we do not recommend, nor can we support, operating the Talkdesk Workspace within a VDI Client.


Supported Configuration

Talkdesk recommends the following options to utilize the Agent Workspace alongside a VDI environment. When used in the following configurations, Talkdesk will continue to support our customers in maintaining the high-quality voice calls they come to expect from the Talkdesk solution. At all times, customers should observe the recommendations here, to ensure their systems are set up for optimal voice performance.


Local Desktop

The first option for using Talkdesk CX Cloud in an environment with VDI is to run the Talkdesk Agent Workspace as a locally installed application or via the Browser on the Agent Workstation to access Talkdesk CX Cloud, rather than running it within the VDI. In this configuration the voice traffic bypasses the VDI going directly from the Agent Workstation through to the Talkdesk platform.


Forward to External SIP Device

An alternative option for using Talkdesk CX Cloud in an environment with VDI is to offload the real-time voice for agents to an external SIP device. In this configuration the voice traffic bypasses the VDI going directly from the SIP device to the Talkdesk platform. 


To configure a local device, please follow the instructions here.


Unsupported Configuration

Talkdesk does not support the following configuration. It is Talkdesk’s recommendation to utilize one of the above, supported, configurations.


Talkdesk within the VDI Stream

In this configuration, the Talkdesk Workspace application is loaded into the VDI or the customer is using Talkdesk CX Cloud via a browser embedded within the VDI. In both cases, the application and real-time voice are conveyed to the Agent Workstation within the VDI stream.

Customers should be aware that this is not a supported configuration from Talkdesk and therefore they will need to work closely with their VDI Provider or Systems Integrator to perform the necessary VDI tuning required to optimize the experience.

image2.pngPlease note that while performance and fault resolution SLAs associated with real-time traffic and voice performance issues will not apply in this configuration, Talkdesk will continue to support the other functions of the Talkdesk CX Cloud platform.

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