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Talkdesk supports customers running Workspace with VDI environments by using one of our solution blueprints. Customers can also choose to run Workspace directly within the VDI session, noting our recommendations.

Local Desktop or Browser

Running Workspace from the local desktop, whether via the browser or from a local install, enables audio traffic to route directly to Talkdesk. This provides a high degree of call quality and reduces the risk of any issues.


SIP Device

When using SIP devices, such as a SIP phone, Workspace runs within the VDI environment whilst audio is connected from the SIP device directly to Talkdesk.  SIP devices are registered to Talkdesk using this process, and network connectivity requirements are detailed here.

Recommendations for Running Workspace within a VDI Session

Customers choosing to implement Workspace as a VDI application, with both data and voice streams within the VDI environment, are required to test and may need to tune the implementation with their VDI provider to ensure that the expected level of call quality is achieved.

Real-time audio, transmitted through a VDI environment, can be influenced by many factors.  For example, the audio stream will not necessarily use the nearest and lowest latency WebRTC gateway, as the traffic is seen to originate from the location of the VDI server infrastructure rather than the agent workstation.  In addition, the real-time audio is subject to an additional layer of encryption and compression and respective decryption and decompression. This encapsulation can lead to sensitive voice traffic incurring additional jitter, latency, and packet loss.

Various VDI tools, including traffic shaping, can help to maximize performance. 

During implementation, Talkdesk will work with our customers to review network requirements, as well as confirm our minimum requirements for Talkdesk Workspace.  Customers remain responsible for working with their VDI vendor of choice, ensuring VDI clients have enough resources and suitable codecs are used - at least meeting those minimum requirements.  Due to the nature of VDI environments, Talkdesk is limited in the testing that we can complete but will work collaboratively with our customers wherever possible, including the use of test tools such as the Talkdesk network test tools and Talkdesk Guardian for assessing call quality where appropriate.

In production, Talkdesk Support will endeavor to troubleshoot any performance issues to the best of our abilities.  Our customers should also engage their VDI provider in the event of any issues and Talkdesk expects troubleshooting of the VDI environment to be undertaken by the VDI provider as required.

To mitigate any issues, Talkdesk recommends and supports either running Workspace from the local desktop of the VDI client or the use of SIP devices to minimize the possibility of audio quality issues.




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