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Release Notes | September 12, 2022 | Conversations


On Monday, September 12th, 2022, we will release a new version of Conversations.



This release includes the following enhancement and fixes for Conversations (Voice Channel):



  • Dispositions and Notes cards moved to the first positions (of the Wrap-Up screen): The Dispositions and Notes cards are now the first ones to appear on the Wrap-Up screen, thus ensuring an optimized display of cards on all screen sizes. This change is most relevant as Dispositions and Notes are the most used cards during the Wrap-Up of a call.



  • Call Quality Hint not displayed and interfering with Workspace’s top bar: Solved an issue where the Call Quality Hint was not loading, which was causing Workspace’s top bar to disappear. To mitigate this issue, the new “Call Quality Hint” capability had to be temporarily removed from the UI. It is now available to all accounts.
  • Voicemail Greeting and Voicemail Drop audio was delayed: Solved an issue where the Voicemail Greeting/Drop audio experienced a delay after being recorded in Conversations Settings (through the Desktop app).


For new Digital Engagement capabilities available in Conversations, please check our Release Notes section.

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