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Release Notes | September 5, 2022 | Digital Engagement


On Monday, September 5th, 2022, we will release a new version of Talkdesk Digital Engagement.


Digital Engagement

This release includes the following new feature, enhancement, and fixes for Digital Engagement:



  • Digital datasets on Explore API

Customers can now use Explore API to send Digital data into an external system. You will be able to use the following datasets when using Explore API:

To know more about Explore API, you can consult our Talkdesk Developer Guide.



  • Digital Touchpoint Identifier and Friendly Name in Reporting


Supervisors can now use Touchpoint ID and/or Touchpoint Name information in Messaging Contacts and Messaging Traffic datasets (Explore) to filter or create new reports and dashboards with this data.

Note: To know more about how to use the Messaging Contacts and Messaging Traffic datasets in reports and dashboards, please refer to this article.

  • Associating Ring Groups on Outbound Conversations

Agents will be able to associate their ring groups to the outbound conversations. 



  • Showing empty Template Collections

Collections were always displayed, even if there were no Templates available for the channel the Agent was working on. With this fix, Agents will be able to select to only view the collections with existing templates available.


For new capabilities available on Conversations, please check our Release Notes section.

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