Managing Talkdesk for Salesforce Presence Sync Rules for Salesforce Omni-Channel

This feature allows you to define rule-based criteria. To automatically change the agents status’ in Salesforce Omni-Channel. This allows you to have more control over the agent status to define when an agent should be available to receive calls while working with multiple channels.

Enabling and Disabling Rules

You can have up to ten active rules. A rule is enabled when the toggle is switched to the right. To enable or disable a rule, please follow these steps: 


  1. Go to Advanced Settings [1] on the Omni-Channel configuration, and switch the toggle of the rule [2] you want to enable or disable. The rule will become enabled or disabled as soon as you switch the toggle, there is no need to click Save for this specific operation.


  1. Click on Edit Rule button [3]:
    1. Switch the toggle at the top of the Edit screen to Enabled or Disabled [4] on the relevant rule.
    2. Click Save [5] on the Edit Rule screen.

Defining Rule Execution Order

All created rules are draggable, so you can drag and drop them in the order you want them to be evaluated and executed. 


In the Advanced Settings section, use the drag symbol to order the rules.



  • The order you define will be the order used to evaluate the rule triggers and related conditions. 
  • If several rules have the same trigger, those rules will be triggered and evaluated from top to bottom, and the first rule that has its criteria logic met will be the one executed. 
  • When one of the rules is executed, no other rules will be evaluated until a new trigger event is detected.

Editing a Rule


  • To edit a rule, click on the edit button present in that rule box.
  • When editing a rule, you will be able to change any parameter of the rule.
  • When you are finished editing, make sure you click on the Save button to save your changes.


Deleting a Rule


  1. Click on the delete icon [1].


  1. A confirmation message will appear. If you want to proceed with the deletion, click the Yes, delete [2] button.



  • As a current limitation being fixed soon, if there are conflicting rules that are executed at the same time due to being triggered by the same status as the status mappings, there may be an inconsistent result.


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