Product Notice: Updates to Talkdesk Firewall Configuration

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with recommendations to maximize the value of Talkdesk, we conducted an internal audit of network requirements. Our network requirements are a set of mandatory and recommended configurations, including firewall configurations, to ensure a seamless experience with Talkdesk products.

Below are the details of this audit and the list of domains for exclusion in firewall settings.


What changed?

As a result of the audit, we have:

  • Updated the list of domains for exclusion in Talkdesk Knowledge Base, the associated products, and the purpose of the domain:
    • Added 4 new domains
    • Removed 1 domain ( from the list, as it's no longer required to allow it. 

What action is required?

We recommend that you review the list of 4 new domains below and apply the required updates to your firewall settings or reach out to your IT department.



No action is required for the removed domain. You can either keep it or remove it from your exclusion list.

What happens if I don’t update the domains?

If you have a firewall in place, it’s possible that the firewall settings are blocking certain Talkdesk domains by default. If the domains on our list are not added to the exclusion list in your firewall settings, the features described in the “Purpose” column will not work as expected for the corresponding product.


How can I be informed about future changes?

Notifications of future changes to the list of domains will be provided through:

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