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Release Notes | August 16, 2022 | Talkdesk Feedback


On Tuesday, August 16th, 2022, we released the following features and enhancements for Talkdesk Feedback™:




  • Live Feedback Stream: Live Feedback Stream is an actionable, real-time tool where you can view survey performance and obtain details of the feedback you’ve received. With this tool, you are also able to view:
    • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scores and survey volume, among other relevant aggregated data.
    • View and filter additional details on each individual response, including interaction details, associated Agent, or other answered survey questions.

Live Feedback Stream features useful tools such as:

    • Summary Strip: Assess survey health through KPI scores and trends.
    • CSAT Score Card: Collect survey data to report the average CSAT rating.
    • Response Rate Card: The percentage of responded surveys.
    • Sent Surveys Card: Number of responded surveys.
    • Responses Card: Number of surveys with one or more answered questions.
    • Response Details: Key details of each response, such as KPI scores, timestamp, Agent, survey channel, and more.
    • Call recording in the response details will give Supervisors the opportunity to keep close track of their Agents' CSAT scores.image1.png

For more information on Talkdesk Feedback’s Live Feedback Stream, please check this article



  • Language Expansion of IVR Survey Templates: The languages available for IVR Surveys now will include:
    • Danish (DA).
    • German (DE).
    • Italian (I).
    • Polish.

For more information, please visit our Talkdesk Feedback documentation.


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