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Release Notes | August 16, 2022 | Digital Engagement


On Tuesday, August 16th, 2022, we will release a new version of Talkdesk Digital Engagement.


Digital Engagement

This release includes the following new features for Digital Engagement:



Receive variables from the customer's website:


Admins can now pass additional website “Context” (variables) to chat conversations when a new conversation starts or when the widget is opened.

This new functionality will allow you to:

  • Present additional context to the Agent (e.g. the Contact Person’s shopping cart, scheduled appointments, booked flights, among others).
  • Set routing rules (e.g. if the website visitor’s language is set to Portuguese, route to an Agent that speaks Portuguese).


Digital Engagement Apps - Users Provisioning & Uninstall:


With this new functionality, it will be possible to select which users have access to each of the Digital Channels. This change will impact SMS, Chat, Email, and Facebook Apps.

From now on, these apps will be only available for the users selected on each of the applications. For current customers, this change was automatic, and no further action is required by customers or internal Talkdesk teams.

Also, it’s now possible to uninstall each of the Apps. By deleting the App, all users will lose access to the application.


For new capabilities available on Conversations, please check our Release Notes section.

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