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Release Notes | July 18, 2022 I Conversations


On Monday, July 18th, 2022, we will release a new version of Conversations.



This release includes the following feature and enhancements for Conversations:



  • Redial Option: Agents can now easily call the last three dialed numbers on Conversations. Clicking on the input placeholder will display the last three dialed numbers. Once a number has been selected, the input placeholder is automatically populated with that number. When pressing Enter or clicking the Call button, the call will initiate.



  • “Blind Transfer to Voicemail” setting on Talkdesk Classic: It is now possible to configure the “Blind Transfer to Voicemail” feature for your account on Talkdesk Classic: Admin > Preferences > Voicemail Settings.
  • Invalid number warning: Currently, only numbers with an invalid country code are classified as invalid (please click here for more information). When calling a possible invalid number, Agents will now be warned with a “This number might be invalid. The call may fail” toast. If the number is invalid, the call will fail. If not, the call will proceed normally.
  • Suspended account warning: Prior to this release, if an account got suspended, Agents couldn’t log into Conversations, and a generic error message appeared. Now, Agents will receive the following warning: “Your account is suspended. You will be unable to place or receive calls until the account is recharged”.

For new Digital Engagement capabilities available in Conversations, please check our Release Notes section.


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