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Release Notes | June 6, 2022 | (postponed) Talkdesk Phone


Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, this release has been postponed. For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


On Monday, June 6th, 2022, we will release the following new features for Talkdesk Phone™.


Phone app:

  • Home - Outbound Caller ID selection: Now the contacts tab in the keypad has the Outbound Caller ID selection dropdown.
  • The Dashboard and Configurations pages merged into Settings: Both are now in a single Settings page, improving user experience and adding scalability.
  • User default country code: You are able to define your default country code in the User settings page. This allows you to dial numbers in their national format without the need for including the respective country code.
  • Call forward: You can set and forward your  incoming calls to a number of your  choice in the user Settings page or using short codes via the Keypad or SIP devices.


UC Admin app:

  • Ability for admins to configure users’ settings: You can consult and set multiple settings in each respective user’s UC Settings page:
    • Outbound caller ID.
    • Call waiting.
    • Default country code.
    • Call forward.
    • Do not disturb.
  • UC settings - User voicemail pin & greeting reset: You are able to reset the voicemail pin and greeting of any user in the respective UC Settings tab in the UC Admin App.

For more information, please check our Talkdesk Phone documentation.

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