Product Notice: Talkdesk for Salesforce 4.3

Published: June 3, 2022

Talkdesk will release version 4.3 of the Talkdesk for Salesforce managed package on Monday, June 6, 2022. Please see below for details regarding the upgrade schedule and summary of new features.


When will it be available?

From June 6, 2022 onwards the new managed package version will be available on the Salesforce AppExchange. To upgrade to the newest version, please download it from AppExchange, or request the upgrade through your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.

Note: For accounts with package versions previous to 4.0, manual steps are required. As a result, the upgrade must be requested through your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.


Which new features are included with this version?

Talkdesk Dialer for Salesforce

  • Support for Custom Objects - From now on, Admins will be able to configure custom objects to be used in the Dialer. This configuration will be done in Talkdesk Admin, allowing up to 3 custom objects. Upon configuration, these custom objects will be available for dialing and Do Not Call list creation, to be used in Talkdesk campaigns. The details about how to configure and use this feature can be found in this article.
  • Flow Component to dynamically Add and Remove records from dialer lists - Talkdesk is releasing a new flow component that can be used in Salesforce flows to make changes in dialer lists. The user can configure the rules to dynamically add and remove members from a dialer list in the flow and then add the component to enforce those rules.

New Talkdesk Data Model 

  • Introduction of Digital Engagement data in Talkdesk activities - Within the new Talkdesk reporting Data Model, we are adding digital interaction data from Talkdesk Digital Engagement to the Talkdesk activities. Customers leveraging Talkdesk Digital Engagement’s available channels will be able to have relevant data about the start and end of interactions, the channel used, the customer, and a link to navigate to the conversation itself merging once again Salesforce and Talkdesk. To learn more about this feature, visit this article.

Note: This feature will not be available immediately with the package upgrade as it depends and it is only available for customers leveraging the New Data Model. For enablement and additional details please reach out to Talkdesk Support or your Customer Success Manager. 

More information about Talkdesk Activities with the New Data Model in Talkdesk for Salesforce can be found here.


Bug fixes and enhancements with this version

  • User Deactivation Management - It is now possible to choose to deactivate a user only in Talkdesk for Salesforce, or in both systems, from the Talkdesk Admin Page in the managed package. By clicking to deactivate a user on the Users tab, a modal will appear, asking Admins to choose if the deactivation should be only performed in Salesforce, or also in Talkdesk. To activate this feature for your account, please reach out to Talkdesk and ask for its activation to Talkdesk Support or your Customer Success Manager. 
  • Open Talkdesk tab with the region selected for the account - Now the Talkdesk tab on Talkdesk for Salesforce package redirects to the proper region.
  • Sort order in Salesforce Relate to widget - Now all the records that appear in the Salesforce Relate to widget will be sorted by the most to least recent, according to creation date.
  • The Dynamic Outbound Caller ID feature is now compatible with the Talkdesk Conversations app.
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.


Important Note on User Management Changes

In the upcoming releases, we will begin a phased rollout of significant changes to user management functionality in Talkdesk for Salesforce, related to user activation, deactivation, feature access, and user sync with Talkdesk. 

These changes will be made available throughout the upcoming Seasonal Releases, and enabled upon request. Further details about the specifics of these updates, and the guidance for account preparation will be communicated via Product Notice such as this.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Talkdesk Support team if you have any questions regarding these future changes.

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