Talkdesk Home Catalog (Legacy)

Note: As of November 24, 2023, a new version of Talkdesk Home will be available for new customers. To learn more, please go here. We plan to roll it out to existing customers in January 2024. If you want to switch over before that date, please contact Talkdesk Support.

The following table provides a summary of cards and quick links currently available in Talkdesk Home™. 

In the coming months, the data currently displayed in Talkdesk Home™ will transform, but the surfaced information in the current Talkdesk Home experience will continue to be available in the source applications (see where in column “After Talkdesk Home™ upgrade”).

Type Name

Current Talkdesk Home™ experience

Access data scope & redirects

After Talkdesk Home™ upgrade

Access source data by following the path


“User Status”*

Data period: Real time, 24 hour lookback

Refresh: ≤ 5 seconds

“Talkdesk Live” > “Live Agents List” widget


“Queued Contacts”*

Data period: Real time; 24 hour lookback

Refresh: ≤ 5 seconds

“Talkdesk Live” > “Live Contacts in Queue” widget


“Service Levels”*

Data period: Day-to-date

Refresh: ≤ 15 seconds

“Talkdesk Live” > “Service Level” + “Avg. Wait Time” + “Avg. Abandon Time” widgets


“Missed Attempts”*

Data period: Day-to-date

Refresh: ≤ 15 seconds 

“Talkdesk Live” > “Missed Attempts” widget 

Quick Link

“Logged-in Users”

Opens new tab > “Talkdesk Live” > “Count of Agents Logged In” widget

“Talkdesk Live” > “Count of Agents Logged-In” widget (does not include duration of login time)

Quick Link

“Evaluation Results”

Opens new tab > “Talkdesk Quality Management” > “QM Evaluation Analysis” report

“Talkdesk Explore” > “QM Evaluation Analysis” report

Quick Link

“CSAT Results”

Opens new tab > “Talkdesk Feedback” > “Feedback Flow

“Talkdesk Explore” > “Feedback Flow” report

Quick Link

“Sentiment Monitor”

Opens new tab > “Talkdesk Interaction Analytics” > “Dashboards” tab in Talkdesk Interaction Analytics (see KB Article)

Sentiment Monitor Deprecated. See End of Life announcement here. Interaction Sentiment available via Talkdesk Interaction Analytics see article


*To learn how to edit the permissions for Home cards, please check this article.

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