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Product Announcement - End of Life: Sentiment


Content Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Originally Published: May 11, 2022

With Talkdesk Feedback Generally Available, we are beginning the process of upgrading all SMS CSAT Survey customers to the new and improved experience and announcing the End of Life of Sentiment (legacy SMS CSAT) and Mood. Currency, there are no plans to replace functionality for Mood, which will be deprecated for all customers. We have planned a phased end of life process for our Sentiment and Mood products in order to ensure there are no interruptions to your day-to-day operations. Please see below for the full timeline and additional details on this change.


What is included with this upgrade?

Talkdesk Feedback offers a 1:1 feature parity to the legacy SMS CSAT Surveys available from the Sentiment product, plus improvements designed to enhance your efforts:

Continuously listen to customers

Analyze what callers are saying

Act on the feedback received

  1. Attach surveys to a broader geographic audience with expanded number support.
  2. Capture customer feedback via SMS CSAT Surveys after both inbound and outbound calls.
  3. Measure customer satisfaction in the voice channel with the IVR Survey template - available through the "Get Feedback" component in Studio.
  1. Keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers are saying with the Feedback Live Stream, available through the Feedback application in Workspace. Access your feedback in real time and filter for further drill-down.
  2. Add more context to your customer feedback with support for an open comment question, providing you with a qualitative data point to support the quantitative CSAT score.
  3. Drill down into the details of each survey response with the “Feedback Report” in Talkdesk Explore. Filter, export, and even schedule reports to be pushed to your inbox.
  1. Automatically pull survey responses into your data warehouse or the BI tool of your choice using the Explore API.
  2. Pull the CSAT score into the supported platform of your choice to automate quick action-taking through Talkdesk Integrations.
  3. Understand agent performance at a glance by integrating CSAT scores with Talkdesk Performance Management (available for Elite edition customers).


What action is required?

The upgrade process is straightforward and fully self-service to provide you maximum flexibility depending on your CX Cloud edition (above).

  • For Professional and Essentials Talkdesk CX Cloud customers: Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to discuss the options in more detail.
  • For Professional Plus, Elevate, Enterprise, and Elite Talkdesk CX Cloud customers: The Feedback application has already been enabled in your account and is ready to access for all Administrator users.

Regardless of your Talkdesk edition, messaging rates for sending and receiving SMS Surveys will still apply.

To begin the process of switching from Sentiment SMS CSAT Surveys to Feedback SMS Surveys at any time, use these step-by-step instructions.


What happens if I don’t upgrade?

In preparation for this End of Life, if you wish to continue utilizing SMS Survey functionality, you will be required to use the Feedback product, which is available for all customers with the CX Cloud Elevate edition or higher. 

On September 14, customers with Feedback installed will have surveys automatically migrated and available in the Talkdesk Feedback application.


What is the impact of this upgrade? 

Eligible customers may continue to use Sentiment and Mood until the Auto-Upgrade date listed below. However, upon the End of Support date, Talkdesk will no longer provide fixes or enhancements to the product — only severe issues will be addressed. Upon End of Life, Talkdesk will no longer provide service or support and the applications will be removed from access for all customers. 

All of your past survey data will be available in the Feedback reporting and integrations solutions mentioned above, and there will be no downtime or impact to callers during the switch.

Please note that Feedback is only available with the CX Cloud Elevate edition or higher. If you would like to continue the use of SMS Survey functionality please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to discuss the options and the edition upgrade process in more detail.


Key Dates:

  • Sentiment
    • End of Support: June 15, 2022
    • Auto-Upgrade to Feedback (eligible customers only): September 14, 2022
    • End of Life: January 18, 2023
  • Mood
    • End of Support: June 15, 2022
    • End of Life: January 18, 2023

We recommend that you review the additional resources provided below to fully understand the upgrade process and plan your strategy accordingly.


How to Upgrade

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