Talkdesk Feedback: Switching from Sentiment SMS CSAT Surveys to Feedback SMS CSAT Surveys

Note: The estimated time for completing this process is approximately 5 minutes.


To perform this process, first, log in to Talkdesk and navigate to Admin > Preferences. Scroll down to the “Sentiment” section:


  • Copy the text under “Default CSAT Survey Messages” > “CSAT Survey Message”, as shown in the image above.


  • Navigate to the My Apps menu, and click the Feedback application to open a new tab.



  • When using Talkdesk’s Workspace, you will find Feedback on the left-sidebar.
  • Do not close the Sentiment tab after performing this step, as it will be required at another stage ahead.


  • Click SMS Survey Settings > Default CSAT Survey Messages. Paste the message text you copied from Sentiment settings into the Feedback Settings.


  • Navigate back to Sentiment (the tab should still be open) and copy your message texts for Valid CSAT Response Message and Invalid CSAT Response Message. Paste them into the message settings in Feedback.


      • You can also choose to enable and set a message for “Open Text Comment”. This option is not available with Sentiment.


      • If you had a frequency cap enabled in Sentiment, you can copy that setting over to Feedback as well.


  • When you finish configuring the message settings, click Save. You should see a green message confirming that your changes have been correctly saved.


  • Head over to Sentiment and find the numbers you have enabled.


  • To enable numbers from Sentiment to Feedback, go to Feedback > SMS Survey Settings > Phone Numbers. Choose an enabled number from Sentiment, disable it, and then enable that number in the Feedback list (utilizing search, if needed). Keep in mind that numbers must be enabled individually.


Important Notes: 

  • Once the number is enabled in Feedback, when a call is made, surveys will be triggered after the call is finished.


  • After disabling numbers in Sentiment, and enabling them in Feedback, make sure the Sentiment toggle is disabled.
  • If Sentiment is not disabled, you could experience unforeseen issues with reporting, and your callers will be surveyed twice (also doubling your usage charges). 

Surveys can be triggered through the new Feedback solution once these steps are completed. Your callers will experience no disruption, and you can take advantage of all the new features and tools available to you through Talkdesk Feedback.



  • Agent Mood will no longer be supported when Sentiment is deprecated later this year.
  • Additional survey details, like open text comments, are not yet supported with Talkdesk Integrations.
  • If you’d like to take advantage of the new IVR Surveys and can’t find a survey option in the dropdown of the “Get Feedback” component in Studio, please submit a Support request or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.
  • For more information on Feedback, please check the Knowledge Base articles in the Talkdesk Feedback section, or head to our Academy to complete the videos on the Talkdesk Feedback Course.
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