Release Notes | April 18, 2022 | Conversations

On Monday, April 18th, 2022, we will release a new version of Conversations.


This release includes the following features, enhancements, and fixes for Conversations (Voice Channel):




  • Pagination on side panels: Pagination is now available on the side panel’s lists (e.g. Agents, ring groups, external favorites) when performing a Blind Transfer, a Consultation, or a Conference, which helps Agents look for a specific target easily. 


Note: When performing a search, it is not yet possible to paginate it, so users will need to refine the search in case it returns too many results. 


  • Relaxed Phone Number Validation: Prior to this release, all numbers were validated against a set of criteria, and those that did not meet the criteria were considered invalid. However, enforcing these rules would result in some numbers being misclassified as invalid when, in fact, they existed. With this enhancement, only numbers with an invalid country code will be classified as invalid. Agents can now dial any number and only get alerted of an invalid number after initiating the call. 


Note: This enhancement will be gradually rolled out to all accounts. Please contact Talkdesk Support or your Customer Success Manager if you wish to have more information on this.



  • Issue calling a specific Jamaican phone number: Solved an issue where Agents could not call a Jamaican number because the number did not meet the defined phone number validation criteria.
  • Minor improvements and stability fixes.


For new Digital Engagement capabilities available in Conversations, please check our Digital Engagement Release Notes.

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