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Release Notes | April 20 2022 | Talkdesk Explore


On Wednesday, April 20th, 2022, we will release the following enhancements to Talkdesk Explore™:

  • Enabling three new fields, “Agent Disconnected”, “Agent Disconnected %”, and “Last Contact”:

You will now be able to see if the agent disconnected the call, and the % of calls they’ve disconnected. The “Last Contact” field is used to know if the contacts, the agent hung up on, were the last ones on the call.

The  “Agent Disconnected” field will be available in:

  1. Explore API - Contacts.
  2. Explore API - Calls.
  3. Explore Contacts Dataset.
  4. Explore Calls Analysis Dataset.
  5. Contacts Report.
  6. Calls Report.
  7. Agents Breakdown Report.
  8. Agents Report.
  9. Teams Contact Summary Report.
  10. Users Contact Summary Report.
  11. Agent Contacts Volumes and Durations Dashboard.

The “Agent Disconnected %” metric will be available in:

  1. Explore Contacts Dataset.
  2. Explore Calls Analysis Dataset.
  3. Agents Breakdown Report.
  4. Agents Report.
  5. Teams Contact Summary Report.
  6. Users Contact Summary Report.
  7. Agent Contacts Volumes and Durations Dashboard.

The “Last Contact” will be available in:

  1. Contacts Report.
  2. Explore API - Contacts.



  • These fields are not available in reports made before the 20th of April 2022. The data will be accurate on all devices except mobile (on this type of device the indication, for the moment, will always be that it was not the agent who disconnected the call). 

For more information, please read our Talkdesk Explore documentation.

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