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Release Notes | March 28, 2022 | Conversations


On Monday, March 28th, 2022, we will release a new version of Conversations.


Voice Channel

This release includes the following new features and fixes for Conversations (Voice Channel):



  • Automation Tools (Open URL)

It is now possible to use the “Open URL” automation tool within Conversations. Admins can configure the automation task “Open URL” for internal Talkdesk actions, which allows a URL to be opened (on the Agent’s browser) when a specific trigger event occurs. 


  • Click-to-Consult

It is now possible to make a consultation on Conversations using the Click-to-Call feature. During a call, an Agent can select a third-party number to consult (and subsequently transfer the call to the number). By clicking on this number, the consultation is processed, and the Agent can speak with this third party (while the original contact person is on hold). If, after the consultation, both agree to proceed with a transfer, the initial Agent establishes the transfer and leaves the call.



  • The difference between Callbar’s “Click-to-Transfer” and Conversations’ “Click-to-Consult” is that on Callbar, when the call is transferred to a third party, all participants will confer (parity is expected to be reached during the Summer 2022 Release).
  • Click-to-Consult can be executed from a browser (if the Talkdesk Click-to-Call extension is installed), from an integration, or from another Workspace app.



  • Minor improvements and stability fixes.

Digital Engagement

This release also includes the following new features and fixes for Talkdesk Digital Engagement™:



  • Regional Cloud EU
    This feature aims to support all necessary steps to create a new instance in EUROPE and have the product deployed to this new instance.


  • Default Reports
    Now, Default Reports based on Digital Engagement datasets are available in Explore: 
    • Digital Contacts.
    • Digital Messages.



  • Maximum waiting time in Studio
    We have increased the maximum waiting time in Incoming Message Studio flows to 48 hours. This means that in the case of asynchronous channels, you can provide a longer waiting period to find an available Agent.

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