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Release Notes | March 24, 2022 | Talkdesk Knowledge Management


On Thursday, March 24th, 2022, we will release the following features for Talkdesk Knowledge Management™:


  • Cards:

Now you can create a card to answer specific issues and questions from customers.

 By filtering according to specific ring groups, intents, and channels, any card can be configured to suit the user’s preferences.

These cards, when published, can then be returned to agents via Agent Assist™. Cards are shown to agents either through the manual search function or through on-call recommendations.

Tags can be used to organize cards. Multiple tags can be attached to cards, allowing knowledge managers to search groups of cards.



  • Assigning a ring group to a card means that card will only ever be returned to an interaction that comes via that ring group.
  • Linking a channel to a card means that card will only ever be returned to an interaction that comes via that channel.
  • Assigning an intent to a card means that whenever an intent is detected via AI Trainer, then Agent Assist will return the best matching variation of that card to the agent.

You can also create variations of a card, which can be used for different answers to questions, similar answers to a certain topic, or related topics. 


  • Knowledge Base connectors:

Associate a knowledge base to Talkdesk, so answers can be recommended to Agent Assist during calls and through manual searches.

Content from a third-party knowledge base is indexed by Knowledge Management at intervals specified by the user, to ensure that content is constantly refreshed.

For more information, please visit our Talkdesk Knowledge Management documentation.

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