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Release Notes | March 21, 2022 I Conversations


On Monday, March 21st, 2022, we will release a new version of Conversations.


Voice Channel

This release includes the following fixes for Conversations (Voice Channel):



  • Wrong Voicemail audio:
    • Solved an issue where the wrong voicemail audio was being dropped while on a call.
  • Auto-Answer component timeout affecting ringing time:
    • Solved an issue where the Auto-Answer timeout was incorrectly affecting ringing time after a transfer. 
  • Other minor improvements and stability fixes.


Digital Engagement

This release also includes the following new features, and fixes, for Talkdesk Digital Engagement™:



  • Templates:


    • Agents can provide a consistent experience to all customers based on defined response templates, while also speeding up response time across all digital channels.



  • “Reply All” not updating the "CC" field:
    • When using Reply All, if the previous email on the thread was from a CC’d address, the “CC” field was not being updated correctly. This behavior is now fixed.


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