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Release Notes | March 11, 2022 | Talkdesk for ServiceNow Connector


On Friday, March 11th, 2022, we will release new features for Talkdesk for ServiceNow Connector™.

Note: These will be available in the new 2.11 version of Talkdesk for ServiceNow Connector, to be published in the ServiceNow App Store.



  • Update Order/Product Case: These new actions enable you to update order and product cases. The call data will be updated on the created cases with all the relevant data.
  • New log module (Debug Logging): With this addition, you are able to access application logs in one click, as well as export all logs related to the Talkdesk app.

Note:  Only Talkdesk admins can use this feature.

  • Pop-created incidents: You will now be able to have our pop feature in Incidents. This feature will allow the record to pop both in Classic User Interface (UI) and in Agent Workspace.
  • CTI:  The region support for the Talkdesk ServiceNow application has improved, which makes it possible to insert the Talkdesk CTI URL according to your region (US or other). 


For additional information, please visit the documentation on Talkdesk for ServiceNow Connector.

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