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Release Notes | March 14, 2022 | Talkdesk Explore


On Monday, March 14th, 2022, we will release a new feature for Talkdesk Explore™:


Duplicate custom reports: Now you can duplicate your custom reports with Talkdesk Explore with just a single click, making data Exploration even easier.


You will be able to:

  • Make a copy of an existing custom report, instead of having to start from scratch.
  • Edit your duplicated custom report in any way you want.
  • Easily find all the custom reports duplicated under “My Reports”.

How can you duplicate custom reports? 



  • The owner is the user that created the custom report, and the only one with  “duplicate” permissions for that report. 
  • The owner creates, duplicates, and stores the report on the Explore landing page under “My Reports”. 



  • This feature is only available for customers on an Elite plan with Explore Create capabilities.
  • Duplicate is only available for custom reports; it does not work for custom dashboards. 
  • The duplicated report will have the same data as the original.
  • The owner can duplicate a shared report, but the duplicated custom report will not have any share permissions and will be only available for the creator.
  • The duplicate report will have the same permissions as any other custom report: 
    • Edit.
    • Download.
    • Send.
    • Schedule.
    • Delete.


For more information, please visit our Talkdesk Explore documentation.

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