Reminder: Product Notice - Talkdesk Digital Engagement Upgrade & Classic Omnichannel End of Life

Published: Mar 2, 2022

This is a reminder of the Original announcement published January 6, 2022 about the upgrade to Talkdesk Digital Engagement and the deprecation of our Classic Omnichannel offering. Please keep in mind the End of Support and End of Life dates for Classic Omnichannel:

  • Classic Omnichannel End of Support: April 30, 2022. After this date, Talkdesk will not address any bugs or fixes unless they are material.
  • Classic Omnichannel End of Life: June 30, 2022.


At Talkdesk, we continuously strive to improve the overall experience for your users and customers. As more of your customers are engaging with you on digital channels, we recognize that your digital capabilities need to evolve to meet the increasingly sophisticated digital engagement needs of your customers.

To that end, we are excited to announce that Talkdesk Digital Engagement, the evolution of our digital engagement solution, will become generally available in February 2022. Talkdesk Digital Engagement provides significant enhancements over the current Classic Omnichannel offering, including:

  • Managing all digital and voice conversations in a unified agent experience with Talkdesk Workspace
  • Effortlessly elevating any conversation across all channels, including voice, while maintaining the conversation and all of its context
  • Unified reporting and analytics across all channels with a holistic view of your customer’s omnichannel journey
  • Streamlined administration with unified configuration of customer experience with Talkdesk Studio
  • AI-first architecture to automate and boost agent productivity

With the release of Talkdesk Digital Engagement, Talkdesk will be deprecating our Classic Omnichannel offering, and upgrading all customers to Talkdesk Digital Engagement. 


When will the change happen?

The transition to Talkdesk Digital Engagement and Talkdesk Agent Workspace has already begun. Customer Success is working closely with all customers using Classic Omnichannel to guide them through the upgrade, and ensure they have the support they need for a seamless experience. 

Below is the timing associated with the availability and support of the Classic Omnichannel offering:

  • Classic Omnichannel End of Support: April 30, 2022.
  • Classic Omnichannel End of Life: June 30, 2022.


What action is required?

If you are currently using Classic Omnichannel, a Customer Success Manager will be reaching out to you to begin the upgrade. There are no costs associated with this upgrade. Please note that in order to benefit from this enhancement, we take into account the configuration needs of each customer and require the adoption of Talkdesk Agent Workspace, as all conversations are managed within the Talkdesk Conversations application. 

If you have any questions, reach out to your specific Customer Success Manager or to discuss this process in more detail.

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