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Release Notes | February 16, 2022 | Zendesk Integration


On Wednesday, February 16th, 2022, we will release the following new features for Talkdesk Zendesk Connector:



  • Now, the contact sync from Zendesk into Talkdesk will include all the phone numbers and all the email addresses of each contact.
  • This doesn’t include any phone numbers or email addresses that may be configured in custom fields on the Zendesk instance.


If Zendesk is already installed and the option Sync Contacts is already selected, no action is required.

In order to start using Zendesk, please click here.

For more information regarding contact synchronization from a CRM into Talkdesk, please check our Contact Sync FAQ.


  • If you don’t update the contact on Zendesk, your synced contacts will not be updated with the new information. Updating a contact on Zendesk will solve the outdated situation.
  • From February 16th, the release date, new and newly updated contacts will be synced to Talkdesk with the normal process.


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