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Release Notes | February 14, 2022 | Conversations


On Monday, February 14th, 2022, we will release a new version of Conversations.


Digital Engagement

Talkdesk Digital Engagement™ provides integrated customer support through digital channels. A unified experience for both agents and clients, with capabilities spanning across digital and voice channels, from a single platform. 

This release includes the following new features: 



  • Incoming Message Flows


A new trigger type with the possibility of having one single Studio flow serving all messaging channels. The Incoming Message trigger type will replace the current Incoming Chat trigger type. All newly-created routing flows will use this new type, and we recommend updating your existing flows to start including this.


  • Capacity Model

With the enablement of this functionality, each agent will have 100 capacity points and each conversation coming from Studio will have a default weight:

Channel Weight
Voice 51 points
Chat 30 points
Email 5 points
SMS (Soon) 5 points

This means that an agent can accept a voice call and a chat, for example (51+30 points), but does not have enough capacity to receive another chat. However, the agent can still receive SMSes and Emails coming from Studio.

The Capacity Model will only work for conversations from the Incoming Message flow, so agents can still initiate Outbound conversations at any point or manually assign more conversations from the queue. 


  • Routing Email Based on Subject and more


On the new Incoming Message flows, we will be bringing Email variables that can be used for routing or context purposes. It will now be possible to route to a specific group of agents based on these fields:

    • Email subject.
    • From.
    • To.
    • CC. 



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