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Is there a report where I can see the login and logout times of each agent on a daily basis?

Agent login/logout daily reports are available in our Talkdesk Guardian product, providing automated authentication and fraud detection for a secure contact center.

However, our Reporting Product Team will evaluate the possibility of displaying this data on Talkdesk Explore for the long-term roadmap.

How do the Explore and Live products differ?

Talkdesk Live is Talkdesk’s  real-time analytics tool for contact center monitoring, whereas Talkdesk Explore is our tool for historical reporting.

Live tracks contact center performance KPIs in real-time, keeping the contact center alert, informed, and performance-driven. Explore delivers actionable insights by collecting, organizing, and analyzing large volumes of historical data, generating pre-built or fully customizable reports and dashboards to help predict trends and outcomes and achieve the best customer experience.

Will there be more reporting available on QM?

Advanced reporting involving data from Quality Management's evaluations is possible via 'Create' feature in Talkdesk Explore. Additionally, since Fall 2021 release, Quality Management data is now available to all customers as a default report, allowing to sync evaluation data with 3rd party BI tools using Explore API.

When will we have WFM reporting (forecast, staffing, etc.) available in Explore?

Improving reporting for WFM users was one of our top priorities in 2021. Forecast and schedules' data sets are already available in Explore, while access to Adherence data is expected to be released in early access in Spring '22. Disclaimer: Timelines may change at Talkdesk's sole discretion.


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I've heard that it's on your roadmap, but what is the ETA for being able to share reports with other individuals in my organization? This is a big blocker on our ability to effectively report on our Talkdesk metrics.

Since the Winter 2021 release, Talkdesk Explore users can now share their custom reports

When will an Okta integration be available to automate user provisioning and de-provisioning. All of our new hire and offboarding work is manual and very cumbersome.

We already offer Okta integration. More info here: https://support.talkdesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211155323-Okta-SSO-Activation

To start with, I still don't get the difference in what is a Contact vs what we used to measure. Also, I'm very much struggling to find the report showing missed calls (on hourly basis) after business hours

The difference between Interaction (what we used to measure in Live) vs. Contacts (what we measure now in Live) is the level of detail available.

The best resource for explaining this is on our Support page regarding New Data Model - the graphic shows the difference between Interactions and Contacts: https://support.talkdesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055651411-New-Data-Model-FAQ

Missed contacts after business hours can be filtered in the Contacts reports. However, the breakdown per hour is currently only available with Explore Create capabilities 

Is there a possibility to personalize the Explore section? Make changes, showing only needed reports, and hide the rest of it. Is there a possibility to have pre-saved report, with all filters, that wouldn't need to change every time?

The personalization of Explore is on the product roadmap for 12+ months.

With Explore Create (Add-on), it is already possible to save filters to have them the same as previous sessions. For default Explore reports, this capability is on the roadmap for the next 12+ months.

Disclaimer: Timelines may change at Talkdesk’s sole discretion.


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Recently there are new reports and data that are different from old reports (SLA as an example). What is the change in counting those metrics?

There are differences in various metrics, including service level. This Knowledge Base article explains the differences and provides examples. https://support.talkdesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360059239611-Contacts-the-New-Data-Model-what-changed-

It would be awesome if the Explore Reporting allowed us to create duplicates of pre-built reports but with the ability to edit and save them, like an “Explore from Here" feature. Right now, the specific filters for each report seem pretty restrictive, often making it difficult to find the actual, exact data you're looking for. Is that something that's on the roadmap?

The capability for copying default reports is currently available.

Disclaimer: Timelines may change at Talkdesk sole discretion.

How can we see status logs in Talkdesk? I need to be able to look at an employee's status usage for the week and day.

With Explore Create , you can create a custom report using the Agents Activity Analysis data set to get this information in a summarized view.

When will dashboards and reporting be able to be shared among team members?

Explore report sharing is now available, and Explore dashboard sharing is planned for the next 6-months.

Disclaimer: Timelines may change at Talkdesk’s sole discretion.

Will we be able to create a custom report in Explore to pull agent status?

You can create a custom report to show agent status by using the Agent Activity Analysis data set, with Explore Create.

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