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Release Notes | January 17, 2022 | Talkdesk Interaction Analytics


On Monday, January 17th, 2022, we will release Version 1.28 of Talkdesk Interaction Analytics



  • CX Sensor category: CX Sensors can now be grouped into categories. This new feature will help our customers to achieve better readability of their configured CX Sensors. In the “Create” and “Edit” sensor drawers, it is now possible to add one “Category” to each sensor. 
  • Transcription download in the Transcription Card: Now you can download an interaction transcript directly from the Transcription Card. The exported file (in “.csv” format) also contains interaction enriched metadata such as “Sentiment” and “Intent” detected for any given utterance within that interaction.


Fixes and Enhancements :

  • Deep-linking into the Transcription Card: When customers click on a link that takes them directly into the Transcription Card, they can now see the Agent and “Overall Sentiment” information. 
  • Intent filters alphabetically ordered: In order to make these filters more easily readable for our customers, we’ve now updated the ordering of the filter values, so that they are presented to the user in alphabetical order.
  • “Custom” option in time-frame filters: In any time-frame filter, the “Custom” option (that allows our customers to select custom periods of analysis), is now shown in the first and before any pre-defined periods position. This way, the option is more clearly visible to our customers and easier to access. 
  • “Saved Search” name character limits: A limit of 70 characters have been added for “Saved Searches”. This enhancement contributes to the UI consistency and stops users from distorting the UI while creating a “Saved Search” with a name that is too long.
  • CX Sensors dashboard visualization: We enhanced the CX Sensors visualization in the Dashboard, and now our customers are able to highlight their chart series by hovering over the chart legend. This improvement allows an easier identification on which chart series relates to each legend entry (and respective CX Sensor).

For more information about Talkdesk Interaction Analytics, please read our documentation.

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