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Conversations: Default Country Code Prefix


In Conversations, the default country prefix for outbound calls is “United States (+1)”, but Admin users can select another default prefix through the account’s preferences.

If the majority of your team’s outbound calls are made to phone numbers of a country other than the United States, it may be useful to have a different default country prefix in Conversations. This way, agents won’t need to change it manually.

Now, when agents enter Conversations, they will see the chosen default country prefix:


Note: To use this feature, agents need to have access to Talkdesk Workspace with Conversations enabled.


Configuring a Default Prefix (for Admin Users)

To learn more about the Default Country Code Prefix feature and how to configure it, follow the instructions in our Default Prefix documentation

Note: In order to configure a Default Prefix, you must access Talkdesk Main > Admin > Preferences and scroll down to the “Default Prefix” option.

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