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Conversations: Status Update to “Offline” - Heartbeat


Each agent has a time interval during which a set of validations are performed to confirm they remain active on the app. This time interval is known as “Time to Live”.

The app notifies Talkdesk servers in regular 4-minute intervals, sending what’s referred to as a “Heartbeat”, indicating the current agent status and restoring the “Time to Live”. 

If, after 4 consecutive 4-minute cycles, no positive feedback is sent to Talkdesk servers (namely, no heartbeat is sent), the agent status should change to “Offline”.

Note: A “Heartbeat” might not be issued if there is poor Internet connectivity or when the agent's computer is in Locked or Suspended state (if these states are configured to interrupt the user’s internet access).

Additionally, every 10 minutes, the backend system checks the number of heartbeats emitted during the last cycles, and changes the agents’ status to “Offline” if 4 consecutive cycles passed without “Heartbeat”.

Agents will then go offline if there are 4 cycles in which no response was given to the backend system (if the Talkdesk server does not receive confirmation that the agent’s session is active). This verification process can take between 16 and 26 minutes, depending on when notifications are issued/received by the server.


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