Product Announcement: End of Life Reporting API

Published: Dec 21, 2021

With the Winter ‘21 Release, Talkdesk has completed the rollout of the Explore API, and now all Talkdesk customers are receiving their reporting data via the Explore API.

Today, reporting data can be requested via two distinct API endpoints:

  1. Directly, to the Explore API.
  2. Indirectly, to the legacy Reporting API.
    • Please Note: As of the Winter ‘21 Release, all requests to this legacy endpoint are being redirected to the Explore API, which then generates the response.

When will the change happen?

Talkdesk will be removing the endpoint for the legacy Reporting API by Dec 1, 2022. Upon the End of Life, requests to the legacy Reporting API will no longer be redirected to the Explore API, and all customers will need to fully transition to using the Explore API endpoint.

Please see the timing below, along with the details related to this change:

  • Legacy Reporting API - Deprecated: January 1, 2022
    • The Reporting API is functionally replaced by the Generally Available Explore API. While customers may still use the legacy Reporting API endpoints and receive Talkdesk support for any issues that arise, all customers are encouraged to transition to the Explore API.
  • Legacy Reporting API - End of Support: June 1, 2022
    • Customers may still use the Reporting API; however, Talkdesk will no longer provide support (no SLA for bug fixing or outage recovery). Customers are strongly encouraged to transition to the Explore API.
  • Legacy Reporting API - End of Life: December 1, 2022
    • The Reporting API endpoint will no longer respond to requests, and customers with issues will have no additional customer support. All API requests for Talkdesk reporting data must go through the Explore API endpoint.

What are the details of this change?

After November 30, 2022, the Reporting API endpoints for Calls, Calls_V1 and User Status will no longer respond to requests. All customers leveraging this API will need to replace it with the Explore API endpoints, Generally Available since June 2021.

Aside from the transition to the new API endpoint, the functionality and response from the Explore API will remain largely the same. The key differences include:

  • Available Data:
    • The User Status endpoint includes an additional Ring Group field with the ring groups of the user at the time of the status change.
    • All account data is available, limited by the maximum timestamp of a month for each request.
  • Performance:
    • Data availability improvements: refreshing every minute instead of every hour
    • Rate limit of 15 simultaneous ongoing requests (queued and executing)
    • Increased resilience and better performance

Explore API: Summary of Available Reports

The legacy Reporting API reports available today include:

The reports available via the Explore API today include:

For more information, please read our Explore API Documentation.



Reporting API (Legacy)

Explore API (New)

Data Model

Old data model

Both old and new data models


Data refreshes every 1 hour

Data refreshes every minute

Data Availability

No limits regarding data availability.

Data can only be retrieved one month at a time.

Report Availability

A report file is available for download for 90 days.

A report file is available for download for 90 days.




get /reports/{type}/jobs
post /reports/{type}/jobs
get /reports/{type}/jobs/{id}
delete /reports/{type}/jobs/{id}
get /reports/{type}/files/{id}
delete /reports/{type}/files/{id}
get /data/reports/{type}/jobs
post /data/reports/{type}/jobs
get /data/reports/{type}/jobs/{id}
get /data/reports/{type}/files/{id}
delete /data/





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