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Having a Video Chat with your Client


Video Chat is one of the key features of Banking Workspace in Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud™ for Banking. It allows agents to have face-to-face interactions with their clients. In this connection, visual cues, facial expressions, and body language help provide better mutual understanding between agents and clients, resulting in reduced average handle time and increased first call resolution rates.

Video Chat can be used independently or together with Cobrowse. When an agent is talking to a client in a cobrowsing session, the agent can start a video chat from the existing session directly.

Note: Talkdesk Conversations needs to be enabled first so that agents can use Video Chat in Banking Workspace. Additionally, the necessary logic needs to be added to your websites. If you wish to start using Video Chat, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Using Video Chat in Banking Workspace

When you are talking with a client using Conversations, you can start a video call from the Client 360 tab.


  1. Click the Client 360 tab [1] and select Start a Video Call [2] on the Shortcuts bar.

  2. In the dialog that appears, you can see a session PIN code. Share the code with the client.

  3. On the other end of the call, the client clicks a predefined link on your website, enters the PIN code, and clicks Join Meeting.

  4. A dialog that allows the client to configure video and audio settings, and set the background image will appear. After the client clicks Enter Meeting to join it, you can click Start Video Call session.

    Note: The button Start Video Call session won’t appear until the client clicks the Enter Meeting button.

  5. Before you join the meeting, you can also configure video and audio settings, and set the background image.

  6. When you’re done, click Enter Meeting.

  7. You can see the client in the session if the client’s video is turned on. Your image is displayed in the top-right corner. During the video call, click the following icons to perform different tasks.

    Icon Description
    image-7.png Select your audio or video device.
    image-8.png/image-9.png Mute or unmute yourself.
    image-10.png/image-11.png Turn on or off your video.
    image-12.png Click it to see all attendees in this video chat. You can also change the video session settings from here, such as video background, resolution, and language. The badge count on the icon indicates the number of attendees in this video chat.
    image-13.png Leave the session. You can rejoin the video chat.
  8. After the video chat is closed, you can continue talking to your client using other features of Banking Workspace or restart a video chat if necessary.

Note: Alternatively, you can start a video call from a cobrowsing session. After a video call is started, the experience is the same as using Video Chat independently.

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