Using Relate To in Talkdesk for Salesforce (Conversations)

Preliminary note: With the Fall ‘22 release, a functional enhancement to this feature was introduced where this component moved from a “tab” to a “card” part of the call wrap-up screen. This article already reflects this new user experience.

The "Relate To"  feature enables agents to select existing tickets in Salesforce and relate them to calls. After an inbound or outbound call ends, an agent can choose from a dropdown list of existing tickets displayed in Conversations Wrap Up and establish a relationship between the two. The tickets listed are those which are active and associated with the contact. They are displayed in chronological order, with the most recent one at the top.

To enable the "Relate To"  feature for Salesforce, please check the “Enabling the feature in Salesforce” section in the Relating a call in Callbar App to a Case or Opportunity in Salesforce article.

Note: This feature can also be used on Callbar. If you are using Callbar instead of Conversations, please go to the “Logging a Call” section in Relating a call in Callbar App to a Case or Opportunity in Salesforce article.

After enabling the feature, follow the next steps in order to use it in Conversations:


  1. Log in to the CTI client [1] from your Salesforce instance.


  1. Log in to Talkdesk Conversations.


  1. Start a call to trigger the creation of a Talkdesk Activity in Salesforce.


    • When the call ends, you will see the wrap-up screen in Conversations. Next to the Dispositions will be a new card, “Relate To", in which you can select the case/opportunity from the dropdown list.
  • image7.png
    • Click on the “Relate To"  dropdown icon [2], and select the case/opportunity which you want to relate with the call [3].



  • The dropdown is auto-populated with the case or opportunity that is in the agent's focus.
  • The dropdown search field includes several search filters: name, status, and the ticket’s creation date for Cases. You can also filter Opportunities by name, amount, and stage.
  • Hit the Submit button [4]. This will trigger an update on the recently created Talkdesk Activity, and doing so will create a relationship between the call and the selected ticket on the Salesforce side.
  • Please note that the Disposition is a mandatory field that must be filled before you can proceed to log the call information.
  • Agents need to make sure they are logged in to CTI in Salesforce when using the “Relate To"  feature, as not doing so will prevent the feature from working properly. In this situation, the "Relate To"  dropdown will not display any tickets, besides the None option, and the following error message will appear in the “Relate To"  Card: “Couldn’t fetch results. Please try again.”.



Mandatory "Relate To" Selection


It is also possible to enforce the selection of a "Relate To" ticket before logging the call information.

This feature can be enabled by following these steps:


  1. Go to your Talkdesk account > Admin > Integrations > Salesforce.
  2. Select the Configuration button and tick the “Mandatory Relate To"  option. If this option is not checked, the feature will not work.
  3. Click on the Save button.


Note:  If you are enabling or disabling the feature, for the change to take effect, agents currently logged in will need to refresh Conversation App.

After enabling the feature, Conversations will only allow the call information to be submitted, once a disposition and a "Relate To" option are selected:



Note: Agents will always have the ability to select the None option on the "Relate To" dropdown.

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