Product Notice: Talkdesk for Salesforce 4.0 [Effective Starting Dec 2, 2021]

Talkdesk® will release version 4.0 of the Talkdesk for Salesforce Managed Package on Thursday, December 2, 2021. Please see below for details regarding the upgrade schedule and summary of new features.


When will it be available?

Beginning on Thursday, December 2, 2021, Talkdesk is pushing version 4.0 of the Talkdesk for Salesforce managed package to sandboxes of customers who have chosen to be upgraded to the sandbox first. 


Note: If you would like to receive the upgrade in your sandbox first, reach out to Talkdesk support or to your Customer Success Manager and request it. 


From December 7, 2021, onwards the new version will be available on the AppExchange and will be pushed automatically to production accounts on December 7, December 9 and December 14, 2021. 


Note: If you do not want the upgrade to be pushed automatically to your production account,  please request this through your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.


For specific details and additional information regarding the new package and the deploy distribution, please refer to your Customer Success Manager, or submit a request/question via the Talkdesk Support Portal.


Which new features are included with this version?


Preview and Power Dialer for Salesforce

  • Dialer Lists - This new capability enables creation of Dialing and Do Not Call list types, and the ability to reuse them across dialer campaigns. These can be based upon list views of any of the available Salesforce standard objects. Additionally, you can now sort records by any field on the Salesforce object, allowing records to be dialed according to that order.
  • List sync from Salesforce to Talkdesk Predictive Dialer - Ability to sync dialer lists of the Dialing type from Salesforce to Talkdesk and use them in Predictive Dialer campaigns. This sync will allow the actively in sync lists to be updated on the Talkdesk side when dialer lists members are added or removed in Salesforce. 
  • Prioritize Dialer lists - Ability to define the list priority when creating a dialer list. The priority will be enforced when lists are assigned to Talkdesk Campaigns, meaning that the records from the lists with higher priority will be dialed first.
  • Delete Talkdesk campaigns - Ability to delete Talkdesk Campaigns. When a campaign is deleted, all its related historic data will be deleted. 
  • New Talkdesk campaign status - Introduction of a new ‘Expired’ campaign status. This status is applied when the campaign reaches its End Date, but there are still some records in the campaign that were not dialed. Campaigns in this status are not able to be edited or dialed again.
  • Multi-object Talkdesk Campaigns - Combine Dialer lists from different Salesforce standard objects in a single Talkdesk Dialer campaign. Add Dialing and Do Not Call lists to Talkdesk campaigns, expanding the functionality and scope of previous dialing campaigns created from only a single object list view. 

New features available in Conversations

  • Relate to Case/Opportunity available for Conversations app - It is now possible to relate calls made through the Talkdesk Conversations app to cases and/or opportunities in Salesforce. This feature will have the same settings as those currently available with the Callbar® Relate To feature.
  • Salesforce omnichannel sync available for Conversations app - The status of agents in Salesforce omnichannel are now in sync with the agent status in Conversations. This feature will have the same settings as those currently available with the Callbar®  Omnichannel sync.


New Talkdesk Data Model

  • Introduction of the new fields and new Talkdesk activity layout - With the new reporting Data Model, we will add 2 levels of reporting in the Talkdesk Activity. There will now be a Talkdesk activity for each Interaction/Call, as well as for each Contact/Transfer within that Interaction. There will be parent-child relationship between Talkdesk activities, such that an Interaction activity may have one or more Contact activities.


Note: This feature will not be available immediately on December 7. For enablement and additional details please reach out to Talkdesk Support or your Customer Success Manager. This release does not require all customers to move to the new data model with this Winter ’21 release. You may also decide to upgrade to the new managed package and remain on the old data model for the immediate near term.


Bug fixes and enhancements with this version

  • Salesforce Dialer - Fixed a bug where if the campaign had more than 10 thousand records it would fail without an explicit error message to the customer. This means the record limit was not changed but now the user can take notice and correct the list.
  • Salesforce Dialer - Fixed a bug to allow editing and starting of a campaign that is created with a start date previous to the present day. 
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.
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