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Release Notes | November 25, 2021 | Talkdesk Studio


On Thursday, November 25th, 2021, we will release the following update to Talkdesk Studio™: 

  • Error handling default behaviors: In this iteration of the “Error Handling” initiative, we are implementing specific default behaviors to deal with exceptional, unexpected failure scenarios in Studio components. The default behaviors will be automatically applied to new steps added to a Studio Flow and steps in pre-existing flows through a backfill process, as long as no Custom exit had already been defined for them. When the option “Use default behavior” is selected, the unexpected error will be handled according to the component’s predefined behavior (which is now being automatically applied), and a caption is displayed under the dropdown to apprise users of the component’s default behavior. 

To find out more about the Studio components’ default behaviors, please refer to our “Error Handling” documentation. 

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