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Talkdesk Explore™ has a new feature - the Share Custom Reports capability. You can now share your custom Explore reports with several Explore users, with a one-click which makes the accessibility of performance data easier. 


Sharing a custom report 

Please follow these steps:


1. Create and store a custom report on the Explore landing page, after clicking on Create [1]. Select Report [2].


2. Go back to the Explore home page and open the recently created report you want to share.

3. Click the Share button [3].


Afterwards, you’ll have two options to share your report:


1. Share with “Everyone in the account” [4].

2. Share with up to 30 individual users at a time [5].


Tip: In case you have previously selected specific individual users, when you untick the box “Everyone in the account” option, the drop-down list “Select people” will be activated again with the previous selection.


Sharing with up to 30 users by each selection

You can select up to 30 individual users at a time. However, after saving your selection, you can keep selecting more users, as many times as you like.

This users’ limitation aims to enhance, and ensure the best performance of sharing requests.


While you are selecting individual users, you can delete individual users by selecting the bin icon [1].


When you reach the 30-person limit for your action (adding or removing users) each time, you get the notification “Sharing is limited to 30 selections/changes at a time” [2].

Tip: When you reach the 30 users limit, the drop-down list becomes disabled. In this case, and if you wish to add more users, you can save your selection, and continue selecting users.


Saving a shared custom report


After a custom report is shared, it will be saved on the Explore landing page under "My Reports" and identified by the gray "Shared" tag.


Unsharing a custom report 

You can stop sharing a custom report at any time. To unshare a report, please follow these steps:


1. Go to the Explore landing page under “My Reports”, where you can select the report you want to stop sharing.


  1. Open the shared report [1], and click on the Share button [2]. Then, through the selection window, you can deselect the users with whom you shared the report with.


Unsharing up to thirty users limit


If you have made a share of up to 30 users individually, unsharing is done by deselecting, one by one, the users with whom you shared the report. Click the Delete button on the right side of the user's name.


Unsharing with  “Everyone in the account”


If you have made a share with “Everyone in the account”, unsharing is done by unticking this option.



If you previously selected some individual users, when you choose to unshare the option “Everyone in the account”, their names will appear again.


Deleting  a shared custom report 

To delete a custom report, please follow these steps:


1. Go to the Explore landing page under “My Reports”, where you will select the shared report you want to delete.

2. Open the shared report, select Settings (gear icon) on a report’s landing page, and then select Delete in the drop-down menu.


A pop-up window will appear. Confirm the action by hitting OK.


Upon confirmation of deletion of the shared report, you are notified with a visual message indicating that deletion was successful.


Receiving a shared custom report


After the report is shared with you, it will appear on the Explore landing page under the new "Reports Shared With Me" section.

Note: Regardless of the sharing selection, when you receive a shared custom report, you will only be allowed to View the report. You will not have Edit permissions.

You will be notified:

  • By email, if the owner shared the report through Explore Main. The email provides the name of the report and its owner. 
  • By a pop-up on Explore Workspace, if the owner shared the report through Explore Workspace.


When you open the shared report, you’ll have access to the settings, similar to a default report. Meaning, you can still filter the data, Download it, and Send it.

The user that receives a shared report only has “View” permissions. 



  • The Share capability is only available for Custom Reports, meaning it is only available for customers on an Enterprise/Elite that are able to create their own reports.
  • You can share with up to 30 individual users at a time. You can save your selection, and continue for the next 30 individual users if needed. There is no limit on users that can view the custom report. 
  • Share custom reports do not provide a copy or a clone of the report. Instead, it gives the selected users access to the same original content where updates are reflected. 
  • The user that receives a shared report only has View permissions, not “Edit” permissions. 

For more information, please visit our Talkdesk Explore documentation.


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