Share Live Dashboards

Talkdesk Live™ introduces a new feature - Dashboards Share capability.

You can now share your Live dashboards with one or more users, with a one-click experience that makes real-time data accessibility easier. 

This feature enables you to:

  • Share your custom dashboards with anyone in your account.
  • Manage share permissions (add/delete viewers) for your dashboards.
  • Edit your created dashboards, with all the changes automatically updated for the users with whom the dashboard has been shared.
  • Easily find all the dashboards shared with you under “Shared with me” in your list of Live dashboards.
  • Easily identify all the dashboards you have shared via an icon in front of the dashboard name in the list of your dashboards.
  • Create a dashboard based on one that was shared with you.

How can you share custom dashboards?

  • The dashboard’s owner is the user that created the custom dashboard, and the only one with  “share” permissions for that dashboard. 
  • The receiver is the user who obtains the shared custom dashboard. 


Sharing a Dashboard

To share a dashboard, please follow these steps:


1. Open the dashboard you would like to share.

2. Click on the “Share dashboard” button.


There are two available sharing options:

1. Share with “Everyone in the account”: By selecting this option, you can share the dashboard with all users in your account.

2. Share with individual users: This option allows you to select specific users with whom you want to share the dashboard.


Sharing with “Everyone in the account”


1. When you click the Share button [1], a side panel will appear on the right side of the page, so you can select the "Everyone in the account" option. You’ll see how many active and pending users are in the account.

Tip: By choosing this option, all users in the account will have access to the dashboard you are sharing, including future users created in the account in the future.

2. Once you have selected this option, click Save [2].



Selecting this option disables sharing with specific users. Previously selected users remain visible, but they cannot be modified. Deselecting the “Everyone in the account” option will allow you to add or remove specific users. 

Note: When you select the "Everyone in the account" option, all users who are associated with that account will have access to the dashboard you are sharing, even those who are added to the account later.


Sharing with individual users


1. You can select specific users with whom to share your dashboard by searching for their names. The search can show up to 250 matching results, sorted alphabetically. Select the correct user [1] from the drop-down list.


2. To remove a selected user, click on the delete icon [2].


3. Once you share a dashboard, an icon will appear next to the name of the dashboard to indicate it is a shared dashboard.


4. You can identify all the dashboards you have shared with the icon that appears in front of the dashboard's name in the list of your dashboards.


Using a dashboard that has been shared with you


You can see all the dashboards shared with you in your list of Live dashboards under the “Shared with me” section.

Note: If the only dashboard you have available is a shared dashboard, this menu will not appear, and it will not be possible to verify that it is a dashboard shared with you.



Note: Any changes made by the owner of the shared dashboard will automatically be updated in your view, unless the change is done in the timezone. The receiver will need to refresh the dashboard to see any changes the owner makes to it.


Stop sharing a dashboard

To stop sharing with "Everyone in the account":


1. Click on the "Share dashboard" button, deselect this option [1], and Save [2].

To stop sharing the dashboard with specific users:

1. Select the delete icon next to the user’s name. When you’re done, click Save [2].



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