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Release Notes | November 12, 2021 | Talkdesk Interaction Analytics Version 1.22


On Friday, November 12th, 2021, we will release Version 1.22 of Talkdesk Interaction Analytics



  • Product rename: “Speech Analytics” is now named “Interaction Analytics”.
  • CX Sensors workspace notification audience: It is now possible to define, per sensor, who should receive the workspace notifications. This feature allows having more control over who has visibility on the notifications of a given sensor, ensuring that only the right users receive them.
  • Search results exports: The “Intent” and “Intent confidence score” are now available for export by clicking on the Export Search button. This allows having better visibility into what the confidence score levels are for each of the detected intents presented in a given set of results for a search. This way, users can better manage their intents’ training phrases.
  • Report incorrect Intents to AIT: Now you can suggest corrections to AI Trainer without leaving Interaction Analytics. This feature improves the accuracy of the user’s intent detection models by giving suggestions whenever a wrong detection in the “Search” results section is detected. Suggestions made via this new mechanism will populate the agreement and review system in AI Trainer. Currently, it is possible to make suggestions whenever an intent has not been detected for a particular utterance or whenever the wrong intent is detected for a given utterance.


Fixes and Enhancements :

  • New transcripts integration via Talkdesk Integrations: New transcripts are now being sent to “Talkdesk Integrations” for all accounts by default. The current enablement process for this feature is no longer required, so all of our customers can now leverage this integration without having to request its availability beforehand.
  • Improved “Dashboards” page loading mechanism: From this release onwards, whenever a single visualization fails to load in the “Dashboard”, it will not cause the failure of the entire dashboard, but instead, only the specific visualization will not be able to load.
  • Increased filtering limits in “Search”: There was a restriction in the “Search” page that was limiting our customers’ ability to select large numbers of values in any given filter. This limit has now been increased and highly improves our customer's searching and filtering capabilities.


For more information about Talkdesk Interaction Analytics, please read our documentation.

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