Agent Assist: Intent Model Selection

The Intent Model feature aims to allow users to select which AI Trainer intent model they wish to use in Agent Assist. 

To configure the intent model, you will need to add it to a Studio flow, and follow the steps  described below: 


1. Open the AI Trainer app.intent_model_2.png

2. Then, inside the app, select the model you wish to use.intent_model_3.png

3. Once you’re inside the intent model, retrieve the intent model ID from the URL. In this example, the intent model ID is “8ae5ae93781c3ee4017821b3c28f0000”.


4. Open the Studio flow in which you will be adding the intent model, and add a new conditional statement step. It is important to name the variable in Preferences as  “intent_model”.


5. On the Exits tab, configure the condition with the customer intent model ID obtained earlier from the URL.


6. Save the configuration to obtain a flow such as the one above.


7. Lastly, click on the Manage Context button and check all the newly created variables. Click Save to complete the process. 

Remember to save and publish your flow. All calls that go through this Studio flow will then surface knowledge relevant to the interaction and based on the chosen AI Trainer intent model.


For further information on how to configure a Studio flow, please refer to our Studio Advanced Documentation

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