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Release Notes | October 14, 2021 | Talkdesk Guardian


On Thursday, October 14th, 2021, we are releasing version 1.1.6 of Talkdesk Guardian™, which includes the following:


  • Guardian Guardrails: APIs: Logs > Users: You can now leverage Guardian-driven data across your enterprise systems by connecting Users data to your existing rules-based alarm system.
  • Guardian Identity: Phone Validation: Your agents can see the status and current risk score of inbound calls, including a Fraud Score and an Overall Call Status (Safe/Suspicious/High Risk), and whether the phone number being used is:
    • Active  |  VOIP  |  Prepaid.
    • Risky  |  Involved in recent abuse.
    • Wireless |  Landline.


  • Bug fixes and other performance improvements.
  • Session Widget: A new widget is now available in the “Overview” dashboard page where you can view how many users are active and inactive.
  • “All sessions” and “Last session per user”: You can quickly filter to see all active and inactive sessions or just the last session per user.
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