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Release Notes | October 6, 2021 | Talkdesk Reporting API and Explore API 


On Wednesday, October 6th, 2021, we will begin the progressive rollout of the Talkdesk Explore API. The Talkdesk Reporting API requests will be redirected to the Explore API. In the long term, the Talkdesk Reporting API will be fully replaced by the Talkdesk Explore API. 

Reporting and Explore APIs are both asynchronous APIs that allow creating reporting jobs and downloading the corresponding historical reporting resource file. However, the Reporting API uses a legacy infrastructure with different event processing, and for that reason the Reporting API and Explore API do not read data from the same source.


What will change? 

Explore API has been in General Availability (GA) since July 2021. 

Existing customers will be part of the migration process from the Reporting API (legacy) to the Explore API. Beginning October 6, 2021, Explore API will be progressively enabled for all accounts.

Existing customers leveraging the Reporting API can keep on using the same endpoints but will have their requests automatically redirected to the Explore API. 

The new customer accounts will only be able to access the API endpoints via the new Explore API. The legacy Reporting API endpoints will no longer be accessible. 

The transition from the Reporting API to the Explore API is totally seamless for customers. There is no action required from you, no impact on your experience, associated costs, and no negative impact on performance or data availability.



    • Available Data:
      • The User Status endpoint includes an additional Ring Group field with the ring groups of the user at the time of the status change.
      • Up to a month of data with each request. 
    • Performance:
      • Data availability improvements: refreshing every minute instead of every hour. 
      • Rate limit of 15 simultaneous ongoing requests (queued and executing).
      • Increased resilience and better performance.
  • Removed:
    • The “Delete” endpoint will no longer be available, due to low usage. This has already been marked as Deprecated in the legacy Reporting API.


Reporting API (legacy) vs Explore API: Reports Comparison Summary 


There were two Reporting API (legacy) reports available:

  • Calls.
  • User Status. 

There are seven Explore API reports available:



Talkdesk Reporting API (Legacy) 

Talkdesk Explore API 

Data Model 

Old Data Model 

New Data Model 


Data refreshes every 1hour

Data refreshes every minute

Data Availability* 

No limits regarding data availability.

Data can only be retrieved one month at a time. Data goes back as far back as 13 months. 

Report Availability**

A report file is available for download for 90 days.

A report file is available for download for 90 days.





* The data availability limits of each report must be verified on the documentation page specific to each report.
**The reports available via Talkdesk® API can change over time.

For more information, please read our Explore API Documentation.

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