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Talkdesk Phone Dashboard and Configurations



In Talkdesk Phone™ Dashboard, you can enable the Do not disturb (DND) feature for a default or custom period of time. During that timeframe, incoming calls will not ring and callers will be automatically forwarded to voicemail. 

To access Dashboard and enable Do not disturb mode, please follow these steps:


  1. In the Phone app, go to Dashboard [1].
  2. Click on Set do not disturb [2] and define for how long you’d like to be unavailable, either from the default values or by choosing the period of time yourself by clicking Custom [3].

While active, you can adjust or disable the Do not disturb mode at any time, also in the Dashboard page. The following image showcases your options:


  • Adjust do not disturb [1] allows you to reset the duration of this mode by a default or custom period of time.
  • Resume calls [2] allows you to disable Do not disturb at any time and resume incoming call reception.



In Configurations, you can enable or disable Call waiting. When active, this feature will allow incoming calls to ring even when you’re on a call. You can also choose how to manage those calls: either to end or hold the current one or reject the one incoming. If Call waiting is disabled while you’re on a call, incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to voicemail.

Call waiting is disabled by default. To enable Call waiting, please follow these steps:


  1. Go to Configurations [1].
  2. Select the “Enable call waiting” option to enable the feature, deselect it to disable [2].

To learn more about Phone, please read our Talkdesk Phone Home documentation. 

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