Managing a New Automation Event: “an outbound record is updated”

In Talkdesk Dialer™, there’s a new automation that allows you to know when an outbound call is “Connected to an agent” or has the “Reach the max attempts without talking with one” status.

On the Integrations section, you can configure this new event to be sent when this behavior occurs, to your email, CRM, among others.


To set up this automation, please do the following:


1. Go to Admin [1], and choose Integrations [2].

2. Click Automations Tools [3].


3. Click on Add New Automation Task [4] or Add your first automated task for Automation Tools.


4. Select the event “an outbound record is updated” [5] and drag the trigger fields you want to send in the automation [6].

5. After you fill in the “URL”, “Format”, and “Body” fields [7], save the automation.


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