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Release Notes | September 1, 2021 | Talkdesk WFM v1.57


On Wednesday, September 1st, 2021, Talkdesk® is releasing version 1.57 of Workforce Management.


This WFM release includes the following fixes:

  • Partially fixed the publishing process of recurring meetings, so that they are correctly displayed to their attendees on the “Your Schedule” page. Now, all meetings created (either recurring or non-recurring) will be immediately published/released to their attendees.


      • This fix does not correct meetings created in the past (and which have occurrences in the present/future). As a temporary workaround for this issue, we suggest eliminating existing meetings and recreating them.
      • We will communicate when non-recurring meetings will be published, according to the release schedule window configuration of each account. 
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to move to the next configuration step of the intent reclassification feature. This occurred when the Resource Planner reclassified the intent of a request from "Other" to "Shift Trade".


  • It is now possible to search by all queues. This feature is accessible by going to “Configurations” > “Queues” and using the search box [1]. The list of queues will be ordered alphabetically, and a page count will also be displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.


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