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CXTalent - General FAQ



What is Talkdesk CXTalent?

Talkdesk CXTalent™ program is built to provide companies with world-class customer experience staff. CXTalent offers two distinct ways to provide staffing options for companies to take advantage of Talkdesk CXTalent gig economy platform and Talkdesk CXTalent BPO partner program.


What is Talkdesk CXTalent gig economy platform?

Talkdesk CXTalent™ gig economy platform is the first and only gig economy for contact center talent, helping people hire and get hired. It’s a talent network that connects skilled individuals seeking work-from-home jobs with innovative companies hiring contact center workforce. CXTalent platform can help companies in need of well-trained customer service staff quickly source, hire and scale. Simultaneously, Talkdesk CXTalent functions as a matching service for both customer service industry veterans (be they agents, supervisors, or administrators) and newcomers seeking work-from-home jobs. With free, on-demand training available through Talkdesk Academy™, job seekers, regardless of their experience level, can develop essential skills through four progressive levels of coursework and earn Talkdesk certifications, so they’re ready to hit the ground running.


What is Talkdesk CXTalent BPO partner program?

Talkdesk CXTalent™ BPO partner program is a global network of curated Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) assembled to work with our customers and prospects to provide outsourcing options. The CXTalent platform is great for hiring individuals or small teams, but the BPO Partner Program is built to help companies strategically shift their staffing operations. We have assembled over a dozen of the industry’s best BPOs that have been thoroughly vetted and trained on Talkdesk Academy. When a company needs to build a new team or outsource an existing team, a BPO partner is here to help. They can offer staffing solutions at a lower price than internal hiring and with more capabilities than locally sourcing. Companies can outsource their entire team to reduce staffing and overhead costs or outsource certain teams, like tier-1 support or channels like chat and social. This gives companies more flexibility and less risk when building new channel teams or helps dramatically reduce their cost.


How can Talkdesk customers register to use the CXTalent platform?

Registration is open and free to everyone. Go to for more information.


Is CXTalent restricted to Talkdesk customers? 

No -  CXTalent is open to any company in need of CX talent - simply register for free on CXTalent platform or reach out to our CXTalent team at to consult for free.


Is CXTalent open to Talkdesk customers in any location? 

Job seekers are eligible to apply from any location in the world and we have collected BPOs from around the world. Similarly, we are accepting Talkdesk customers from around the world to take advantage of the global talent network. 


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