Talkdesk CXTalent: FAQ for Talent Seekers (companies)


What is Talkdesk CXTalent gig economy platform?

Talkdesk CXTalent™ gig economy platform is the first and only gig economy for contact center talent, helping people hire and get hired. It’s a talent network that connects skilled individuals seeking work-from-home jobs with innovative companies hiring contact center workforce. CXTalent platform can help companies in need of well-trained customer service staff quickly source, hire and scale. Simultaneously, Talkdesk CXTalent functions as a matching service for both customer service industry veterans (be they agents, supervisors or administrators) and newcomers seeking work-from-home jobs. With free, on-demand training available through Talkdesk Academy™, job seekers, regardless of their experience level, can develop essential skills through four progressive levels of coursework and earn Talkdesk certifications, so they’re ready to hit the ground running.


What is Talkdesk CXTalent BPO partner program?

Talkdesk CXTalent™ BPO partner program is a global network of curated Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) assembled to work with our customers and prospect to provide outsourcing options. The CXTalent platform is great for hiring individuals or small teams, but the BPO Partner Program is built to help companies strategically shift their staffing operations. We have assembled over a dozen of the industry’s best BPOs that have been thoroughly vetted and trained on Talkdesk Academy When a company needs to build a new team or outsource an existing team, a BPO partner is here to help. They can offer staffing solutions at a lower price than internal hiring and with more capabilities than locally sourcing. Companies can outsource their entire team to reduce staffing and overhead costs or outsource certain teams, like tier-1 support or channels like chat and social. This gives companies more flexibility and less risk when building new channel teams or helps dramatically reduce their cost.

How can Talkdesk customers register to use the CXTalent platform?

Registration is open and free to everyone. Go to for more information.


Is CXTalent restricted to Talkdesk customers? 

No -  CXTalent is open to any company in need of CX talent - simply register for free on CXTalent platform or reach out to our CXTalent team at to consult for free.


Is CXTalent open to Talkdesk customers in any location? 

Job seekers are eligible to apply from any location in the world and we have collected BPOs from around the world. Similarly, we are accepting Talkdesk customers from around the world to take advantage of the global talent network. 


What are the benefits for Talkdesk customers?

  • A global talent pool removes constraints that might be associated with a local talent pool. It enables companies to get more specific with their hiring profiles, allowing them to solve unique challenges. For example, it helps ensure their workforce is more diverse, has specific or niche skills, that may be difficult to find in one geography, is more culturally fitted, or is able to work in the required schedule.  
  • Offer 24/7 customer service by hiring global talent to cover all hours of operation.
  • Quickly scale workforce up for seasonal business or to meet fluctuating demand. 
  • Reduce onboarding costs by hiring Talkdesk-certified agents who have already taken Talkdesk Academy coursework and are ready to hit the ground running.
  • CXTalent platform is entirely free for customers - no registration or usage fees.
  • Consult, for free, with our CXTalent team to strategize about staffing and find the best BPO partner to fit your needs. 

What is the process to hire through CXTalent gig economy platform?

  • If you need to hire additional team members, visit CXTalent platform and create a new account. 
  • Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to browse our network of job seekers. Set filters for industry, language, channel, pay range, and more, to refine your search. 
  • Click into candidate profiles to learn more about them, such as their background, experience, and certifications. If you don’t find a perfect match right away — just fill out a free Premium Hire request and Talkdesk will jump in to actively recruit candidates that meet your needs.
  • Once you find the right match, it’s time to make an offer. Simply select Send Offer on the candidate’s profile. You’ll be able to include a custom message providing information about your organization and the available role. Once submitted, the candidate will be alerted to the opportunity and given a chance to review the information. If the match is mutual, then the candidate will move the offer to Pending Hire. Once this happens, you’ll receive an alert in your email — so be sure to keep an eye out! The next step is to make sure you two are on the same page.
  • After the candidate reviews your initial offer, we recommend arranging a meeting to ensure the candidate meets all of your needs and understands your expectations. We also advise discussing pay range, working hours, and hardware requirements. After you have met and you’re ready to move forward, simply change the status of the candidate in CXTalent from Pending Hire to Confirmed. The agreement is now Confirmed on your end, but you’ll still need to wait for the candidate to confirm on their end in order to finalize the hire.
  • Once the candidate has updated their status to Confirmed, you’ll receive an email with your new hire’s full contact and employment information. At this point, the candidate is fully contracted and ready to start work.

What is the process to hire through CXTalent BPO Partner program?

  • ​​If you need to hire a new team or want to evaluate outsourcing options, it’s helpful to document your needs and expectations for your new team. Include details such as how many new hires are needed, how long the work engagement needs to last, and what channels or skills are required. Outsourcers in the TalkdesK BPO Partner Program are available to provide short-term engagements for seasonal rushes or take on full management of the customer service department. 
  • The CXTalent team will spring into action and engage our global network of outsourcers to find the best matches for you. We have a network of preferred providers that ensures you get the best price and customer service quality. Plus, all outsourcers have been trained and certified through Talkdesk Academy, so they are ready to hit the ground running. Once we’ve determined which outsourcing partners best fit your industry and requested roles, our CXTalent team will return a shortlist of outsourcers to you — with no commitment or requirements. Then, it’s up to you to select the best fit.
  • We recommend you evaluate the options with your business team. Each outsourcer is vetted and hand-selected to ensure they can adequately provide the support you’ve requested. Still, some BPOs may have unique capabilities or skill sets that would best suit your business needs. Once you narrow down your top choice, our CXTalent team will facilitate a discovery call with the BPO to make sure requirements and costs are aligned. If it feels like the right fit, Talkdesk will work with your team and the BPO to move forward on an agreement. We’ll make sure you receive the best possible pricing and the white-glove service you expect from Talkdesk.
  • After the partner is selected and agreements are signed, Talkdesk will facilitate the cutover to your new outsourcing partner and ensure it’s a smooth transition.


Do you provide a pay range or a scale for how to compensate job seekers?

Job seekers are asked to provide their compensation expectations during registration, as it may vary depending on experience and geographic location. Talkdesk customers should bear in mind there is still a negotiation process when hiring a candidate from the CXTalent network. We encourage recruiters and hiring managers to use their organization’s standards and best practices when evaluating and hiring candidates sourced on CXTalent.


Are Talkdesk customers required to pay a monthly fee to access?  

No, Talkdest CXTalent does not charge hiring organizations a monthly fee for access. Hiring organizations will only pay for the number of hours the job seeker works at the rate they agree upon; any salary per hire is determined directly with the job seeker. Talkdesk will collect a small fee based on these negotiated terms with the worker. This fee will be taken from the employment agreement and no fee will be charged to our business users. Our Product team will provide specifics during onboarding.

Will companies be able to post jobs on CXTalent? 

CXTalent matches available job seekers with companies. Currently, if a company needs to find a specific hire, the Premium Hire option on the CXTalent platform alerts the recruitment team to the specific need. The recruitment team will go out and find potential options to fit that need. Companies cannot post a job on the platform but they can engage our team to recruit specifically for a role. 


Are CXTalent job seekers trained by Talkdesk?

Talkdesk BPO partners and job seekers are trained and certified through the Talkdesk Academy. Talkdesk Academy coursework and certifications are openly available and free for all CXTalent job seekers. We encourage every member of the contact center to take advantage of these courses to easily and quickly onboard and gain contact center skills. There are currently 4 levels of certification: 

  • Agent: Understand the agent’s role in a contact center, techniques for handling common customer scenarios, and best practices on how to deliver a great customer experience. This certification covers basic agent functionality, such as the ability to take calls, log cases, and access knowledge in Talkdesk.
  • Supervisor: Develop the skills to effectively manage team members, track goals, and successfully lead a group of agents using coaching, escalation, and reporting functionality. 
  • Admin: Orchestrate a better experience for contact center teams and business customers by building foundational administrative skills, such as managing users’ permissions, workforce scheduling, and reporting. 
  • Advanced Admin: Become a CX admin expert with how-to courses for performing system customization and advanced platform administration in Talkdesk. Users will learn how to create their own Talkdesk instance, build custom reporting, and integrate with 3rd-party systems. 

Are CXTalent job seekers trained on soft skills?

Currently, Talkdesk Academy provides soft-skills training for agents on call center etiquette and how to handle angry callers. New soft-skills training across roles (i.e., for supervisors and admins) is coming soon.

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