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Guardian Guardrails FAQ


Why having Reporting in Guardian is important?

Reporting is important for supervisors/admins to be aware if there is something out of the ordinary with the agents’ security and behavior. It enables users to set up reporting and allows for condition-based notifications to be triggered and sent (currently, via email).


Which prerequisites or dependencies are required to use it?

This feature is available as part of the Guardian Guardrails package, which is included in the accounts of customers running an "Enterprise" edition, or made available as a licensed add-on to customers running a “Pro” or “Pro Plus” edition.


Why am I not seeing hits for reports that I’ve set previously?

Reports only run if the specified conditions happen, to the specified users on the given timeframe. If that is not the case, no “hits” for the report will be shown.


How is the email being sent?

It leverages the “Notifications API” for the email notifications to be sent.


Why am I not receiving any notifications for the report that I’ve set up? 

When creating a report notification via email, you need to make sure you’re hitting “enter” after inputting the email address so that those email addresses are saved on the report.


What happens if I receive a notification, but I can’t access Guardian?

The email notification includes a URL linking to a page, where the report can be accessed. However, you need to have the “View permission” enabled in “Reporting” under the “Guardian”, in Roles and Permissions.

If you don’t have the appropriate set of permissions you’ll receive the email but, once the link is clicked, a page will appear informing you that you don’t have the required permissions. 


Why am I not able to create, edit or delete a report?

Users need to have the “Update”, “Create”, and “Delete” permissions enabled under Roles and Permissions.

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