Product Notice: Talkdesk for Salesforce 3.23 [Effective Starting Jun 16, 2021]

Talkdesk® will release version 3.23 of the Salesforce Managed Package on Wednesday, June 16, 2021. Please see below for details regarding the upgrade schedule and summary of new features.


When will the change happen?

On June 16, 2021, Talkdesk will push version 3.23 of Salesforce to all customers who have requested a sandbox-first upgrade.

Beginning on June 22 and concluding by June 24, the push upgrade process will be performed for all production customer accounts.

For specific details and additional information regarding the rollout to your account, please refer to your Customer Success Manager, or submit a request via the Talkdesk Support Portal.


What new features will this version bring?

Salesforce Dialer is going GA and brings a whole set of new features including:

  • Salesforce Dialer Campaigns - The new concept of Talkdesk Campaigns enables the customer to create Dialer campaigns from most of standard Salesforce objects list views and dial through the records using Power or Preview dialing modes.
  • New Campaign configuration wizard -  The campaign configuration wizard allows the customer to assign agent(s), choose campaign timezone, campaign start and end dates, dialing mode and more.
  • New Dialer Settings page - The dialer settings page enables customers to define default dialer settings and assign campaign creation and editing permissions. 

Talkdesk Live Reporting in Salesforce - ACTION REQUIRED

  • Live (legacy) Deprecation - With this upgrade, the legacy version of Live will no longer be available in Salesforce and will be replaced by the new and enhanced version of Talkdesk Live.
    • For customers that do not update their Managed Package, Live (legacy) will become unavailable from July 23rd onwards. We recommend that the upgrade to the new Managed Package version happens as soon as possible.
  • Introducing the New Version of Talkdesk Live - The new version of Live mirrors your contact center activities in real-time. It is exclusively sourced by the New Data Model and the improvements made are not only on the granularity of data, but also on the new dashboard configuration experience and flexibility. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Intraday metrics that update virtually in real-time.
      • Widget-level filters.
      • Contact monitoring.
      • Changes in agent status.
      • Dashboard-level filters.
      • Full-screen mode.
      • Drag & Drop and Resizable Widgets.
      • User-friendly thresholds.
      • Search & Sort list views.
      • Add & Remove Widgets.


Learn more about the new version of Live in the Knowledge Base


Bug fixes and enhancements with this version

  • Salesforce Dialer - Fixed a bug where some calls were being launched before the previous call ended, impacting the whole dialing process.
  • SMS Component, Smart SMS and SMS for Flows - Enhanced behavior to avoid the need for the user to manually authenticate every 24 hours when using the SMS component, or SMS for Flows.
  • Salesforce Relate To - Fixed a bug where Salesforce could not respond properly if the number of pending records exceeded a technical limit, this fix includes a change on the user experience which makes it now possible to have a fixed list of 10 records presented at each time in the Relate To widget.
  • High Velocity Sales - Fixed a bug on the Talkdesk permission set so that the user has the ability to use High Velocity Sales without restrictions.
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.



Coming Fall ‘21 Release - Changes to the Talkdesk Activities data model

Following the change to Talkdesk Live in Salesforce, the Talkdesk Activities data model will include updates to support new information available for Talkdesk Live and Explore reporting, regarding contacts and call data. The new data model will be made available in the Talkdesk for Salesforce managed package as part of the Fall ‘21 Release (August 2021).

To gain access to this new information, customers will need to update their managed package to the latest version by the Fall ’21 release date. If you would like access to the new Talkdesk Activity data model in sandbox first, please reach out to your sales rep or customer success manager.


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