Using Relate To in Talkdesk ServiceNow Connector with Callbar (Legacy)

The “Relate To” feature allows agents to relate a call (interaction) to an existing ticket in ServiceNow, such as a case or an incident, through the call summary window in Callbar.

Note: This feature can also be used in Conversations. If you are using Conversations instead of Callbar, please see to the Using Relate To in Talkdesk ServiceNow Connector (Conversations) article.

Please refer to this article, to learn how to enable the Relate To feature in Talkdesk ServiceNow Connector. Once the feature is set up, and when an inbound or outbound call ends, Callbar will display the tickets associated with the contact, to let agents establish a relation between the call and a ticket.

These relatable tickets will appear on the "Relate To" dropdown list in chronological order,  with the most recent one at the top. Agents can then choose the ticket with which they will be associating the call.

Note: At the moment, this feature allows relating calls (interactions) to Cases and Incidents only.

In order to have the “Relate To” feature working as designed, follow the steps below:


  1. Log in to the CTI client and Callbar from your ServiceNow instance. 


  1.  Start a call to trigger the automation to create an interaction in ServiceNow when a call starts in Talkdesk. The interaction will be created.


  1. When the call ends, the call summary window in Callbar will show a “Relate To” dropdown.
  2. Click on the “Relate To” dropdown to fetch the tickets from the ServiceNow instance, and select the desired ticket to log and relate the call to. Please note that Contact and Disposition fields are mandatory in order for you to proceed to log the call information.


  • The fetched tickets are the active Incidents and/or Cases according to what is configured on the “Talkdesk Integration Settings” page in your ServiceNow instance.
  • Relate To results are limited to 20 tickets by default.


  1. Log the call to trigger the automation to update an interaction in ServiceNow when the disposition code is set.


  1. When you log the call, the Interaction is updated, and the relationship between the ticket and the Interaction is created. You can see it on the “Related Tasks” tab, which shows the ticket related to that Interaction form.


  1. If you click on the ticket link, you can enter the ticket form. In the example above, it’s a Case. Similarly, in the Case form, you get to see the list of all the calls (Interactions) related to the Case through the “Interaction” tab.

Note: The relationship between the Case/Incident and the Interaction is always created, however, it may not be visible on the form because the related lists are not configured to appear on the form, so you may need to edit the views and include these related lists.


Please be sure to be logged into ServiceNow, as doing otherwise will prevent the feature from working properly; in this situation, the "Relate To" dropdown menu will not display any tickets and the following error message will appear in Callbar: “Make sure ServiceNow is connected and reopen the tickets dropdown”.



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