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Using Topics


Topics are the second level of hierarchical organization in Talkdesk Guide, and live inside Spaces. We can think of Topics as a folder where you can organize more knowledge. Under them, you can either deepen the categorization by creating sub-topics or create articles. In the current Guide version, we cannot mix topics and articles under the same topic, i.e., we can only have Topics or only articles.


Creating Topics

To create a Topic, please follow these steps, after logging in to your account:


1. Click on the “+” sign [1] next to Topics.

2. If the Space doesn’t have any Topic yet, you can also select New Topic [2].


3. A pop-up window will appear. Provide the details for the Topic:

a) Give a “Name” [1] to identify the Topic, so it can be identified in several parts of the app.

b) Choose it is a “Sub-Topic” or a “Top Level Topic” in “Nest topic under” [2].

Tip: The dropdown will be empty if it’s the first Topic. If a user wants the Topic to be a Top Level one, this field shall be left empty. In this dropdown, you will see only Topics that don’t have articles below themselves.

c) Fill in “Summary” with a description [3].

d) Choose Create [4].


Editing Topics

You can change any of the Topic settings after its creation.


1. Click on the “pencil” icon [1] on the “Topic” page.


Deleting a Topic

When you delete a Topic, you will delete all the hierarchic structure below it, i.e., its Sub-Topics (if they exist) and all the Articles below.


1. Click on the “three dots” symbol [1].


2. On the new pop-up window, choose Delete [2].

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